Projects Reports

Manual Reports Generation

For manual generation of a project report go to the Project list and click on the Generate PDF Report link of your project like in the image below:

Generate Project Report

Any user with access to the project can generate reports for it. There are two report types on a project level and one management overview report.

Project Report Types
  • Code Health Overview Report: The Code Health Overview Report captures the four factors essential to successful software development for your project. You get a snapshot of the technical metrics as well as the current trends.

  • Software Portfolio Overview Report: The Software Portfolio Overview Report gives a high-level overview of all your projects in terms of CodeScene’s four factors.

Schedule Project Report

To schedule a project report go to the Project list and click the Project Configuration link of your project:

Project Configuration

then click the Report tab:

Schedule Project Report

You can schedule more than one report, for the same recipient or for different ones. After you finish, click the Save Report Configuration button.