Project Access Management - Collaborators

Adding/Removing Collaborators

To manage collaborators for a project, go to project configuration and click on Access Management:

Navigate to project Access Management configuration

On this page, new collaborators can be added:

Add collaborators in project Access Management configuration

Clicking Add Collaborator will bring up a page where you enter the collaborator’s CodeScene email address, and choose the appropriate privilege level:

Add a collaborator by providing his email address and access level.

A “Readonly” collaborator can run analyses and X-Rays, but cannot modify the project configuration. A “Configuration” collaborator can run analyses and X-Rays, and also make changes to most project configuration items, with the exception of Git repositories.

The email address associated with the collaborator’s CodeScene account is needed to add a user as a collaborator. This is available in the top bar, and also under My Account.

Find CodeScene account email address in My Account.

After adding a collaborator, they can be removed by the project owner or collaborators with the Admin role. The user can also always remove themself:

Remove a collaborator by clicking ``Remove`` button

After a user is added as a collaborator to a project, the project will appear on the collaborator’s projects dashboard, but with a special icon:

A collaborator's project is displayed with a additional icon.

Collaborator Permission Roles

This collaborator has Readonly privileges, so they can run an analysis, but the project configuration cannot be changed:

A Readonly collaborator can only view project config but they cannot change it.

However, a collaborator with the Admin role can update any part of the project’s configuration except the list of repositories.

Free-Plan Collaborators

Collaborators on a free plan can be added to the private project created under paid CodeScene account. Project analysis is always run using the project owner’s GitHub token. However, CodeScene will check that the collaborator still has proper access to the GitHub repository before the analysis is started:

Refuse to run an analysis if collaborator doesn't have access to the GitHub repo