Welcome to the CodeScene documentation!

This documentation is divided into sections, each being suited for different types of information you might be looking for.

  • Getting Started helps you take the first steps after you discovered CodeScene. You will learn how to sign up, what CodeScene does, and how you run your first analysis.

  • Supported Git Hosting Providers - CodeScene can analyze GitHub and Bitbucket repositories.

  • Guides walks you through specific features and aspects of the tool, focusing on how you use them to achieve certain goals.

  • Hands On Behavioral Code Analysis: CodeScene Use Cases shows how to get the most out of CodeScene by learning its use cases and how to apply and integrate the analysis information in your daily work.

  • Organizational Accounts explains how to create organizational accounts in CodeScene so that all stakeholders in an organization can access and benefit from the analyses.

  • Integrations explains how you integrate CodeScene with lifecycle tools like Jira, Trello, GitHub issues and why you want to do that. We also show how to get a CodeScene badge for your GitHub page.

  • Supported Programming Languages covers CodeScene’s language level support.