Roadmap for CodeScene

This is an early version of CodeScene and we expand the scope and capabilities of the service at a rapid rate. The current alpha version comes with a number of limitations, such as the amount of Git history we analyze and the number of projects we support.

Our overall plan is to add the analyses from our feature-complete on-premise CodeScene to the cloud version, step by step. Soon we'll have support for all analyses in Your Code As A Crime Scene and much more.

So what's next?

Right now we enable our social analyses one by one. CodeScene can already build knowledge maps over your code and measure the potential knowledge loss in your codebase (aka the Bus factor). The next step is to let you analyze the development efforts across your teams. That team-level measurement lets you inspect how well-aligned your organization and architecture are with respect to Conway's Law.

Is CodeScene free as in beer?

CodeScene will always be free for open source projects. We also have a set of pricing plans so that you can tailor CodeScene to your needs. Our goal is to make CodeScene as cheap as a beer for small projects and charge a bit more for organizations in need of more heavy analyses.

Do you support private repositories?

Yes, we do. Check out our plans for details on private GitHub repositories.

Can I analyze repositories owned by an organization?

Yes, all paid plans let you analyze repositories owned by organizations that you are a member of. Under the free plan, however, you need to own the repository yourself.

Can I analyze codebases that are split across multiple Git repositories?

Yes, CodeScene supports multi-repository analyses.

I've heard about Empear's X-Ray analysis; Can I have that one?

X-Ray is an analysis that investigates the evolution of each function or method within a Hotspot. X-Ray is a great tool to prioritize technical debt and lets you refactor large files iteratively guided by data as described here and here.

CodeScene supports X-Ray for Hotspots. Just click on a Hotspot in your Hotspot Map and launch an X-Ray. We'll add support for X-Ray in our temporal coupling analysis soon.

Will you support Bitbucket and GitLab too?

Yes, we will. However we start with GitHub and then add support for other Git hosting services.

Is there any integration via webhooks?

That's something we plan to add too. CodeScene will grow into a service where your analyses are triggered automatically as you push code to your Git repositories. Of course the analysis results will be published back to you. You can even chose to integrate the analysis results into your existing work pipeline such as code reviews and risk management.

We'll tell you more about the possible integrations once we've implemented full support for them. Our plan is to make it as simple as possible for you while still leaving you in control of your data.

Can I use CodeScene even though we host our own Git repositories?

Sure, please check out our on-premise version of CodeScene. It's a feature complete product capable of analyzing large-scale, multiple repository codebases.